ASPCA Employee Donates Her Car to Animals

June 6, 2017


From volunteering your time to donating money  to running a 5K, there are so many ways to make a difference for animals with the ASPCA. But did you know that your used car, boat, or other vehicle can also change the lives of animals in need? It’s true, thanks to the ASPCA Vehicle Donation program!

The ASPCA Vehicle Donation program is so easy and effective that one of our very own staff members, Rachael K., recently decided to take part. We checked in with Rachael to learn more about her experience and why she chose to give this gift to animals.

ASPCA: Why did you decide to donate your vehicle?

Rachael: I knew I wanted to get rid of my car and I really didn’t want to go through the selling process. I’m very familiar with vehicle donations as I work for the ASPCA and I knew that this was my preferred route.

ASPCA:   How are you connected to the ASPCA’s mission? Is there a specific animal that inspired you to donate your vehicle?

Rachael: I currently work at the ASPCA in digital marketing; however, my roots in animal welfare go further back. I’m a long-time animal lover and advocate. I’ve worked in animal welfare for over 12 years, at three different organizations, in the areas of marketing and fundraising. I’ve been inspired by every animal that has ever been a part of my life, including the many dogs, cats and horses I’ve called family members. My current furry family member, Myles, is probably my biggest inspiration though. 



ASPCA: How did Myles inspire you?

Rachael: This mighty Chihuahua came to me when I worked at my first animal welfare organization. He was so fear-aggressive that you couldn’t go near his cage without him attacking the bars. It took one of the fearless humane law enforcement officers who worked at the organization to coax him out of his cage. Once he did, the officer plopped him on my shoulder and that was that. I took him home with me that day as a foster and he’s been my shadow since. I officially adopted him in October 2006, about a week before my father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Myles was my rock during that time. He joined me at every visit to the hospice center where my father was staying – and even slept on his lap there to comfort him and the rest of my family. My father passed away less than two months later, but I feel as though Myles was put into my life to help me through that difficult time. So, it’s safe to say that Myles remains my inspiration to continue to help these amazing animals we call shelter pets.

ASPCA: What was your vehicle donation experience like? Did it meet your expectations?

Rachael’s donated vehicle.

Rachael’s donated vehicle.

Rachael: The vehicle process was quick and easy! I filled out a form online, they contacted me to arrange a pick-up that suited my schedule, and my car is now gone. This all happened within a few weeks. The process exceeded my expectations. It was painless and now I have my garage back, along with a nice tax receipt!

Myles in the side-view mirror.

Myles in the side-view mirror.

We can’t thank Rachael and our other vehicle donors enough for their incredible contributions to our cause. If you’d like to learn more about the ASPCA Vehicle Donation program and tax benefits, or donate your vehicle, please visit the ASPCA’s Vehicle Donation Program web page or call (877) 999-8322 today.