ASPCA Emergency Response in Tennessee to Assist with Wildfires

April 8, 2022

ASPCA Disaster Response experts were recently deployed to Tennessee to aid the Sevier Animal Care Center in their wildfire response. Following the rapid spread of these fires, 11,000 homes were initially evacuated, leaving pet owners and members of the community in need of resources and support.

We’ve provided approximately $3,500 worth of critical supplies including leashes, collars, cat litter and trays, food and water bowls, and enrichment items as well as eight pallets of high-quality pet food donated by Hill’s Pet Nutrition for pets impacted by these wildfires.

The Sevier Animal Care Center is continuing with emergency sheltering to house animals who have been displaced during this disaster which has greatly increased their need for donations and adopters to free up space and resources. They are currently running adoption specials to promote dog adoption in their area to help with capacity concerns.

Whether it's wildfires, hurricanes or floods, we remain prepared to respond at a moment's notice to assist people and pets in their time of need.