The ASPCA Calls on Government to Protect Downer Calves

August 6, 2015

The ASPCA Calls on Government to Protect Downer Calves

We need your help urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to close a critical loophole for calves. Currently, slaughterhouses can slaughter “downer” veal calves (those too sick, weak or injured to stand and walk) rather than humanely euthanizing them. Investigations have revealed horrific animal abuse at slaughter plants, with workers kicking, slapping, dragging and electrically shocking calves in order to get them to stand and walk. Some of these calves are merely days old.

The USDA has proposed a rule requiring that downer calves be promptly and humanely euthanized on-site, and is now soliciting public feedback. Please help us ensure the proposed rule does not get watered down: let the USDA hear your voice today!

Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center for more information, sample comments, and a form to easily submit your own comment. Comments are due by this Wednesday, August 12, so please don’t delay.

Thank you—together, we can make a profound difference for calves.