ASPCA Assists Residents and Pets Displaced in NYC Steam Explosion

July 20, 2018

In the aftermath of a steam pipe explosion in Midtown Manhattan yesterday, the ASPCA is currently supporting the New York City Office of Emergency Management and Animal Care Centers of New York (ACC) to assist pet owners and animals displaced by this devastating incident.

The ASPCA Community Engagement team has been working with ACC to ensure that an animal welfare representative is at the Emergency Management Reception Center through the weekend to identify needs of pets and their owners, coordinate necessary services and to assess where further support is needed.

Our goal during this time is to provide critical resources for pet owners by ensuring that they have basic supplies, including food and water, to care for their pets during this difficult time and to help identify pet-friendly housing until they can return home.

At this time, we don’t know exactly how many animals have been displaced by the explosion, but we will continue to provide necessary support.

Pet owners who were displaced by the steam explosion and require assistance for their pets can call the ASPCA hotline at 1-800-738-9437 for additional information and resources.