The ASPCA Assists COVID-Impacted Shelter by Caring for 70+ Kittens

August 25, 2020

Woman with cat

This past week we’ve witnessed the coronavirus pandemic continuing to impose challenges on the animal welfare community. When Valley River Humane Society learned that despite their best efforts, staff members had contracted COVID-19, the shelter had to close to the public and drastically reduce their number of staff in the building immediately—moving out almost all of the animals in their care right away. They reached out for our help to provide care for these 70+ kittens so that they could comply with regulatory advisories and keep their team safe. 

Kittens in carrier

The shelter transported 71 kittens between the ages of 10-18 weeks to the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) in North Carolina for continued care. The BRC is an ASPCA program that works to behaviorally treat extremely fearful dogs. Because the facility is not normally set up for the care of cats, the team had to quickly transform a section specifically for these kittens to quarantine for the recommended two-week period. 

While these tiny kittens are in our care, we will make sure that they get the medical care, essential enrichment and socialization that is so important for kittens of this age.

Kitten in carrier

The ASPCA continues to be a lifeline for animal welfare groups and pet owners across the country as COVID-19 persists. Our immediate response to animals in need like these 70+ kittens is only made possible by the generosity of friends like you. If you can, please give to help give more animals the critical care they need.