ASPCA Assists Animals Endangered by Kilauea Volcano Eruptions

June 19, 2018

a rescued dog in a crate

At the request of the Hawaii Island Humane Society (HIHS), the ASPCA’s disaster response team is on the ground in Pahoa, Hawaii, assessing areas impacted by the Kilauea volcano eruptions, assisting in managing the Disaster Pet Hotline for residents requesting assistance for their pets, and providing lifesaving field rescue for displaced animals. Search-and-rescue efforts are being led by HIHS and the ASPCA. Some conditions are so dangerous that animals had to be airlifted by helicopter to safety.

an aspca responder with a dog

“These search-and-rescue efforts are absolutely critical to safely remove animals trapped in areas completely cut off by active lava fields and steep banks,” said Dick Green, Senior Director of ASPCA Disaster Response. “The ongoing and relentless destruction caused by the Kilauea volcano eruptions has put hundreds of animal lives at risk, and the ASPCA is pleased to be in a position where we can partner and assist the Hawaii Island Humane Society to save as many displaced animals as possible.”

volcanic eruption

“Hawaii Island Humane Society has deployed up to eight animal control officers each day when allowed access to search for animals and pets. We’ve gone door to door in the subdivisions in our search for animals at risk and continue to leave food and water for those animals not yet found and rescued. To date, Hawaii Island Humane Society rescued approximately 165+ animals with nearly all returned to owners and the remainder in foster homes. We’re grateful for the help that ASPCA is providing in these efforts,” said HIHS Executive Director Donna Whitaker. 

an aspca responder in front of cooled lava

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