ASPCA Assisting in Maui Following Catastrophic Wildfires

August 22, 2023


UPDATE 08/24/23:

Our National Field Response team is still on the ground in Hawaii assisting with critical relief efforts. Since our arrival, we've helped rescue and bring several cats to safety, some of whom were suffering from injuries or conditions related to the fire. Responders have also been assisting volunteers with handing out pet food, puppy pads and crates to local residents who had lost their homes and are now staying in hotels. They've also been feeding and providing water for cats, horses, pigs and chickens whose pet owners are hospitalized or lost their homes. 



At the urgent request of the Maui Humane Society, we are on the ground in Lahaina, Hawaii supporting critical animal search and rescue efforts in response to the catastrophic wildfires that impacted thousands of residents and their pets.

“The ASPCA’s priority is to bring displaced and injured animals to safety and to provide critical assistance in support of Maui Humane Society as they work tirelessly to meet the needs of impacted residents and their pets in the aftermath of these devastating events,” said Lauren Cowell, ASPCA Director of Field Operations. “Animals are members of our families and a great source of comfort, especially during times of tragedy. Our deepest hope is that we will be able to reunite many people with their pets to help them heal during this difficult time.”

We recently mobilized a team of specially trained disaster response personnel to assist local animal welfare groups with responding to over a thousand missing pet reports and assessing impacted areas. ASPCA responders are working alongside Maui Humane Society, supporting displaced animals to be reunited with their families, distributing lifesaving supplies, food and potable water, setting up animal traps for missing pets, and, as necessary, helping to recover and identify animals whose lives were lost.

We remain in contact with emergency management across the island and as ongoing needs are assessed we will continue to provide support.

The ASPCA’s response has been made possible in part thanks to the generous support of the Alex & Elisabeth Lewyt Charitable Trust.