Are You Ready to Jam with Jammy?

March 3, 2022

Looking for a cat to keep your bed warm? You’re in luck! In his foster home, Jammy absolutely loves his caregiver’s bed. She tells us, “Jammy is definitely loving being a pet cat! He goes to bed with me and sleeps there for a while.” But it’s taken Jammy some time to get there. When we first met this handsome man, he was completely shut down, and it’s taken about eight weeks for him to come around in his foster home. With love and affection, he’s made tons of progress—and in a quiet adoptive home, we think Jammy will keep getting better!

Now that he’s comfortable, “Jammy is really sweet and likes his routines—taking me to bed at night, greeting me in the morning, eating while being petted and playing with the wand toy after eating,” says Jammy’s foster. “I can’t use the computer without him coming onto it because it takes too much of the attention off him; I guess he doesn’t like that kind of competition. And he climbs on me whenever I’m on the couch. He purrs and kneads, too, and spends more time awake just to be around me.”

Jammy would love to live in a quiet home in the tri-state area with a patient adopter who is excited to help him continue to come out of his shell but understands that it may take some time for him to warm up. He would do best in a home where he is the only pet, with teens and up. Jammy is on a special diet for his urinary health, but our staff can tell you everything you need to know to set this handsome boy up for success.

If you’re ready to jam with Jammy, check out his profile to complete and application!