Are You Looking for a Terra-rific Cat?

October 28, 2021

Has our Terra caught-a your heart? We hope so! Our beautiful girl Terra is deaf and visually impaired, but she has no idea she’s different! Her disabilities don’t slow her down one bit. 

According to her foster family, Terra loves chasing any type of ball toy and getting loved on by her favorite people. She’s a true lap cat, so make some room on those laps! And she loves to chat—she may not be able to hear herself, but she’ll make sure you do! 

It will take Terra some time to settle into a new home, but the wait is worth it! She also has some medical needs that our staff would be happy to tell you all about. 

If you want to give Terra the life she deserves, and you live in the tri-state area, visit her profile to complete an application.