APCC Alert: Protect Your Pet from These Warm Weather Hazards

May 18, 2016

APCC Alert: Protect Your Pet from These Warm Weather Hazards

With more time to play outside, sunbathe and run through sprinklers, it’s no wonder our pets love warm weather. But with summer approaching, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) wants to inform you about some of the most common hazards they handle every year. To protect your pets this season, keep an eye out for these five warm weather dangers. 

  • Insect Stings and Bites: Our pets are curious and want to explore everything they can, but unfortunately they don’t always realize that bugs, bees, ants and other critters are best left alone! In some cases, you may not see the sting or bite occur, but you will see the results: a yelp or a cry, followed by swollen eyes and muzzle. To prevent bites from occurring, scout your yard for areas of trouble like ant hills, beehives and wasps nests and treat them now. Have your pet avoid those areas, and always keep an eye on what they’re doing outside.
  • Yard Products: Lush green grass is a fun place to play, but some healthy lawns are full of chemicals like weed killers, pest control products and fertilizers. While small exposures to these things are typically tolerable, larger amounts can be quite dangerous. It is best to keep your pet inside until the product is dry or watered in, and always make sure that pets do not have access to the product’s container.
  • Pool Chemicals: A nice cool dip in the pool is great on a hot day, and many dogs would love to jump in, too. If you’re planning to invite your pup into the pool, make sure he knows how to swim, first! In addition, keep all pets away from sheds or garages where pool chemicals are stored—chlorine ingestion is a surefire way to ruin your day.
  • Flea Products: Fleas love summer just as much as we do—not only is it warm enough to thrive, but there are plenty of dogs and cats outside to feast on. While flea products are generally safe, it is important to be familiar with the product you are using. It is also of the utmost importance to use the product according to the label, as most issues with flea products occur when they are used inappropriately. Whatever you do, do not mix up dog and cat flea products. The label is serious!
  • Plants: There are so many pretty flowers and plants to see in the summer, and dogs and cats are often inclined to find out how they taste! Make sure you know the types of plants in your yard and home, and find out which ones could be an issue for your pet. While many plants don’t cause serious problems, it is vital to know if your pet has access to one that does.

Our friends at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center want to wish you a happy, healthy and safe summer season.

APCC is your best resource for any animal poison-related emergency—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you think that your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately.