Announcing the Winners of the “Senior Tails” Story Contest!

August 18, 2021

White and yellow cat

This year for Adopt a Shelter Cat month, we teamed up with ARM & HAMMER™ Feline Generous to host a giveaway celebrating senior shelter cats and all the reasons why they are purrfect catpanions.

The "Senior Tails" giveaway was a chance for shelters and pet parents to submit their heartfelt stories about their senior cats and help spread awareness. We received 2,500 submissions throughout the month of June, and after reading through all of them one thing is clear—people simply adore golden-aged senior cats!

After much deliberation, we narrowed down our individual winner as Meredith B. from Michigan, who rescued a 13-year-old cat who helped her greatly throughout the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meredith will receive a year’s supply of ARM & HAMMER cat litter!  

And out of the 2,500 submissions we received, three nominated shelters stood out for their dedication to all animals, especially vulnerable populations like seniors. Newman Nation: Senior Pets United in Liberty, Illinois, the Humane Society for Southwest Washington (HSSW) in Vancouver, Washington, and Conway Area Humane in Conway, New Hampshire, were chosen as our grant winners! Each will receive a $2,500 donation to further their efforts for animals in their communities.

Two grey tabby cats

Senior cats Betty (left) and Darby (right) are two golden-aged residents at HSSW. 

“ARM & HAMMER™ believes every cat deserves to find a safe and loving home,” said Rebecca Blank, Group Brand Manager, ARM & HAMMER™ Pet Care. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to team up with the ASPCA and help raise even more awareness for why senior cats make wonderful pets. As described in our winning “Senior Tails” submissions older cats can bring a sense of comfort, extra cuddles and care to people and other animals. We hope more cat lovers keep this in mind when considering adoption and appreciate everything these shelters are doing to make sure every cat has the best possible chance to be adopted no matter what their age.”

For Founder and Director of Newman Nation, Zoe Kharasch, this grant could make all the difference. Newman Nation focuses their efforts specifically on “the tough senior cases,” including senior animals with special needs, disabilities, ones who may be bonded or who may require hospice.

Calico cat and black cat

Maui (left), a senior foster cat rescued from a hoarding situation and Walter (right), another senior kitty with Newman Nation.

Gray and white tabby

Sumo, a senior "Forever Foster" with Newman Nation.

“This grant will go a long way in helping to provide ongoing medical care for our special needs senior cats and dogs in addition to enabling us to save more,” says Zoe. “Newman Nation is a small, 100% volunteer-run and foster-based rescue, but we go above and beyond for each individual senior we bring in.”

“At HSSW, we have a passion for all pets and people,” says Sam Ellingson, Marketing and Outreach Manager at HSSW. “Our team has a special spot in their hearts for senior animals. We’re so grateful for this award from ARM & HAMMER, supporting the older animals in our care.”

While we may be wrapping up this contest, our dedication to helping senior animals nationwide continues. We are so grateful for the community work that local shelters are doing every day to help senior animals find homes and have loving, comfortable lives. A huge congrats to these three shelters and a “thank you” for all of the incredible work they do!

We encourage everyone to consider adopting with an open mind and heart. Senior pets bring so much joy and love, and we hope that is something that more people can experience.

“Helping senior pets in need is the most important thing to me and consumes my life in the best way,” adds Zoe. “Although older animals have become more appreciated over the past few years, there are still far too many that are neglected or viewed as not as worthy of a home or love as their younger counterparts. Senior pets have a lot to teach us, the most important being to take things one day at a time and enjoy every moment.”