Announcing the 2020 ASPCA Calendar Cover Star!

July 25, 2019

Billie on the 2020 ASPCA Calender Cover

Every year, one adorable furry friend gets chosen to grace the cover of our ASPCA calendar. As our cover star, this special pet helps spread our lifesaving message to homes nationwide! And today we are excited to announce that the votes are in, and we have our newest star! The adorable companion who will be on the cover of the 2020 ASPCA calendar is… Billie!

Billie on grass

As a pup, Billie was rescued from a puppy mill in Pennsylvania and underwent surgery to correct cherry eye. Following her procedure, Billie needed a foster home where she could rest comfortably. This is where she met Brenna.

Brenna, Web Design and Social Media Director for ASPCApro, regularly volunteered as a foster caregiver for organizations in New Hampshire, and in October 2017 she was introduced to cutie pie, Billie. At the time, Brenna thought they would only be fostering the four-month-old puppy for less than a month.

Brenna petting Billie

According to Brenna, Billie has “a lot of personality,” and instantly became BFFs with Brenna’s resident dog. Whether it was playtime or naptime, the two dogs were inseparable. After potential adopters for Billie fell through, Brenna’s family decided she should stay with them permanently, and they officially adopted the pup!

“We still foster regularly, and Billie is the resident play ambassador for our guest pups,” Brenna tells us.

Sweet Billie has come full circle from her beginnings, and we are excited to share her story across the country!

Brenna giving Billie a kiss

Billie sitting in armchair

Billie and Brenna sitting on lawn

If you’d like to make a difference for animals in need and receive your own copy of the 2020 ASPCA Calendar, please make a donation of $25 or more today.