Amazon Business Contributes $10,000 to Match Donations Received through New ASPCA Wish Lists

August 23, 2023


We’re excited to announce the launch of ASPCA Wish Lists, a new, easy way for animal lovers like you to donate critical care supplies directly to ASPCA programs and facilities! To help celebrate the launch of ASPCA® Wish Lists, our friends at Amazon Business contributed $10,000 to match donations made on this new platform.

ASPCA Wish Lists allow you to choose product donations for the ASPCA program of your choice using Donative, a donation tool integrated with Amazon Business. Each program’s list is curated by us and includes items needed most for the animals in our care. This new page is easy to access and use from your preferred web browser, so please consider bookmarking it on your desktop or mobile device! You can also share the link directly with your family and friends who would also like to help contribute to lifesaving work of our various programs. It’s a simple one to remember:!

Which ASPCA programs can I support through ASPCA Wish Lists?

The ASPCA has dedicated Wish Lists to help support the needs of our programs, both nationally and locally. Currently, the ASPCA Wish Lists include the following programs:

We also use Wish Lists for urgent and seasonal needs when applicable. Be sure to check the ASPCA Wish Lists throughout the year to see how you can support our ongoing and lifesaving efforts!

With your support through platforms such as our Wish Lists, we can continue to be there for animals in need today and remain prepared for whatever tomorrow may bring!