All These Kitties Want for Christmas Is YOU!

December 8, 2021

These NYC kitties are looking for loving adopters to give them a place to call home in the tri-state area! Read on to find out more about them!



Meet Karl! Karl is an 11-year-old independent gentleman who loves getting his energy out by entertaining himself with his catnip banana, toy mice or by playing with his human! Easygoing Karl has previously lived well with a dog, too.

If you love Karl as much as we do, check out his profile to learn all about him!

Little Bit


Do you have a little bit of love to give to our Little Bit? Little bit is a shy, independent lady who would love a person that’s excited to take things at her pace. Once you’re in her inner circle, Little Bit likes to show her love in unconventional ways—like having you watch her roll around with her favorite toys!

If sweet Little Bit has caught your eye, check out her profile to find out all about her!



Could Kitty be your new kitty BFF? According to those who know her best, Kitty is the perfect mix between very playful and “more chill.” She loves being pet under the chin, playing with toys, lounging in bed, sunbathing in the window and most importantly, climbing on her favorite people! She’ll keep you warm all winter long!

If Kitty sounds like the gal for you, check out her profile to learn all about her!



Meet Euphrates! She’s one chatty gal who loves to ask you all about your day while being pet by her friends! Once Euphrates feels safe and comfortable, she’s quite the social butterfly. The way to Euphrates’ heart? Pets and scratches! She loves being loved on and is happy to purr the whole time.

If Euphrates sounds like your new BFF, check out her profile to learn more!



Say hello to Winona! This 16-year-old golden girl is aged to perfection and proof that age is nothing but a number! Described by our team as “a sweet girl who meows for attention,” Winona is always happy to get some love. She’s a girl who knows what she wants—when you’ve been around as long as Winona, you know how you like things!

If you want to give golden girl Winona the best retirement home ever, check out her profile to find out more!



Looking for a lap cat? Meet Carmella! Carmella is a very chatty lady who loves asking anyone and everyone how their day has been—when her mouth isn’t full of treats, of course. She loves to play and reportedly will play fetch like a dog!

If you’ve fallen in love with Carmella, check out her profile to learn more!

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