"All She Needed Was Love"— Sarah’s Happy Tail

July 15, 2015

When Sarah first came to the ASPCA, she was the epitome of a “scaredy cat,” with the exception of one small detail: She’s a 30-lb. pit bull! Rescued from a life on the streets, Sarah was timid and fearful of nearly everything, until the perfect adopter came along and proved that love heals all wounds, even those we cannot see. Here is Sarah’s Happy Tail.

Sarah was found abandoned and wandering the streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, in July 2014. Amid the sweltering summer heat, she was taken to the ASPCA Animal Hospital where she spent eight days under our care, which included a deworming treatment, spay surgery and all of her vaccines. To all appearances she looked like a strong, healthy dog, but Sarah was afraid of nearly everything. When out for a walk, she would get nervous and pull hard on the leash. She was unsure of other dogs and suspicious of new surroundings, and staff at the ASPCA noted that when scared, she would “stick to you like Velcro.” The sweet dog was clearly looking for guidance and love.

In October, Madeline H. came to the ASPCA Adoption Center in search of a new pet after her previous dog, Luna, passed away. “I was lonely and feeling very sad,” she recalls, “and there are plenty of dogs that need a good home.” At the ASPCA, Madeline met a number of adoptable pups before connecting instantly with Sarah. “She was there lying with one of her toys. She looked at me and got up and I said ‘Hi,’” she recalls. “Those eyes got me!” 

Madeline adopted Sarah that day and never looked back. “People say, ‘How did you know she was your dog?’ and I say, ‘How did she know I was her mommy?’” Madeline beams.  Back at her apartment, Sarah proved what we had suspected all along: With one-on-one attention and a home to call her own, the precious pittie soon came out of her anxious, timid shell. “Sarah is doing fantastic. She is a great dog, smart and very loving,” Madeline says. “All she needed was love.”