After Being Badly Burned, Sweet Smitty is Ready for a Forever Home

December 19, 2014

After Being Badly Burned, Sweet Smitty is Ready for a Forever Home

Smitty is a four-year-old Pit Bull who was brought to the ASPCA on October 14. Found by a Good Samaritan in the Bronx, New York, Smitty was suffering from first- and second-degree burns that covered nearly half of his body. Despite the severity of his burns—and his apparent pain—Smitty had a wonderful disposition.

At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, Smitty was in the ICU for six weeks where doctors managed his pain and changed his bandages regularly. During the early stages of his treatment, Smitty’s wounds were still so painful and fresh that he had to be sedated during bandage changes. Despite it all, his happy attitude and sweet nature never wavered.

ASPCA veterinarians removed dead tissue and skin so new tissue could grow in, and after six weeks, Smitty no longer required bandaging. His fur is growing back in patches, but it’s likely that he will have scars for the rest of his life. Smitty knows how to sit and fetch, and is very playful and active. After a long, hard journey, he is now available for adoption—hoping for a forever home just in time for Christmas.

Please help us spread the word about this sweet dog. If you are interested in adopting Smitty, visit his Adoption page or contact the ASPCA Adoption Center at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.

WARNING: This video contains content some viewers will find graphic