May 29, 2018

Adoption Spotlight: Mama and True Are Looking for Loving Homes to Call Their Own

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Every now and then, we have special cats or dogs in our care who need a little extra help finding a home. This week, our Adoption Spotlight is on Mama and True, two sweet, bonded cats who are currently residing in a foster home in Los Angeles, California. 

We first met Mama at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles when she was brought into the shelter with five of her one-day-old babies in a cardboard box. Upon intake, one-year-old Mama was completely frightened, and it was clear that she and her kittens were a special family who had been through a lot. 

The ASPCA’s L.A. Volunteer Program Director, Tina Reddington, decided to take them all home the same evening they came in because she knew they would require special care and attention. Mama was initially so shut down that she didn’t move at all for the first 2 days in the foster home, according to Tina. Mama spent her time hiding in a corner with her head down and did not move to take care of her kittens—she didn’t even move to go to the bathroom in the litterbox.

While Mama was in this fragile and desperate state, her kittens needed to be bottle-fed and cared for. But after plenty of love and patience from Tina, Mama started to come around and to take care of her kittens herself. And after even more care and patience, she finally began to come around to her foster caregivers. Slowly she became open and trusting. 

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In their time with Tina, all of the kittens grew up healthy and happy thanks to Mama’s dedication—even in the scariest of times—to love her kittens. While four of Mama’s kittens have been adopted into loving homes, it’s now time for Mama and her mini-me, two-month-old True, to find a loving family! 

True was one of Mama’s kittens who seemed most connected to her. And after everything Mama has been through, we want her to go to a home with one of her beloved kittens. True is a fun-loving, energetic and adorable kitten. Both Mama and True are polydactyl, which means they have six toes on each front paw—it’s as cute as it sounds!

Mama and True are looking for a family who will be patient with them and give them the love and time necessary to adjust to a new home. Mama will probably never be a cat you will pick up and hold, but she will come to you when she’s ready for lots of head scratches and pets. This pair will do best in a home without young children and without other pets. 

If you are interested in adopting Mama and True, please contact Tina Reddington at [email protected].