Adoption Spotlight: Kissy, Jack and Janet

April 14, 2015

Every now and then, we come across special adoptable pets that need a little extra help finding a home. This week, we’re shining our Adoption Spotlight on Kissy, Jack and Janet—a trio of playful Akitas who are sure to make their future adopters very happy!

Kissy, Jack and Janet came to the ASPCA after being rescued by the Oregon Humane Society from a large, commercial breeding facility. Their life in the facility had left them terrified of human contact, so they were sent to the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in Madison, New Jersey. Over their four-month course of treatment, each dog’s sweet and special personality began to shine through. At the Rehab Center, they learned how to enjoy everyday activities like going for walks, being pet, coming when called and—most importantly—trusting humans again. Now these loving pups are ready to find their forever homes:

Kissy is a curious 5-year-old girl. She may be shy at first, but don’t let that fool you—this pretty lady would love nothing more than to play with you and her favorite squeaky toys! Kissy likes to play with other dogs and would be thrilled to go home with a patient adopter who can love and care for her.

Looking for a goofy, but clever, new best friend? Jack is your guy. This sweet boy loves going for walks and playing with his favorite toys. Jack loves his dog friends, but may need some training to help improve his manners.

Janet is an energetic girl who loves snow and zooming around a fenced yard! She can be reserved around new people, but this curious girl will warm up for walks through the woods with her new family. Janet likes other dogs and would love to go to a household with a dog friend she can play with.

These sweet dogs have been through a lot and they have so much love to give. They would like nothing more than to find forever families to call their own. If you’re interested in adopting or want to learn more about Kissy or Jack, please visit or call (609) 388-7004. For more information on Janet, please visit