This Adoption Center Star Is Looking for an Adopter to Rock Her World!

April 22, 2021


We know we’re not supposed to have favorites—but Tally is really our favorite! She’s “the best,” according to our Matchmaking team, and, “THE best patient in the world. So sweet and gentle,” according to our Medical team, who’s been treating her for allergies and removing and monitoring some masses. Her adopter will need to continue monitoring her and providing allergy treatment in her new home—but, according to all of us, she is so worth it!

Tally absolutely loves snuggles and afternoon naps. But, if she’s not all curled up snoozing the day away, she’s running around her foster’s backyard and gardening, otherwise known as digging!

Tally enjoys planning with other pups most of the time, and short play sessions are right up her alley. But she can be vocal and assertive in telling other dogs that she’s had enough. Because of this, her new adopter will need to be willing to do one-on-one playdates instead of trips to the dog park.

This incredible pup is dreaming of a life in a non-urban, low-traffic area where she won’s see tons of other dogs on the street. She will also take a pass on small kids, cats and other dogs! If Tally sounds like the gal for you, visit her profile to fill out an application!

Tally wrapped in a blanket

Tally taking a nap.

Tally in disguise

Tally at the adoption center

Tally snuggling in some blankets