90 Rescued Dogs Are On the Road to Recovery

July 13, 2021

a rescued beagle

In May, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue of more than 90 dogs from a dilapidated, single-wide trailer in Ohio. Many of the dogs were found with untreated medical conditions like skin infections, severe vision impairment, open wounds and bite marks. Some were found pregnant, and many were extremely fearful. Since the rescue, the dogs have settled into their temporary shelter and are currently being cared for by ASPCA staff and responders—receiving behavioral and medical treatment and getting lots of love and enrichment.

ASPCA responder reaching his hand out to a rescued dog

For dogs who come from cases of neglect or hoarding, it can take time for them to learn to trust humans. Our behaviorists patiently work to bring them out of their shells and allow them to experience life as a carefree pup.

an ASPCA responder petting a rescued dog

Each day, the dogs will get playtime to expend their energy and bond with their caretakers. They will also receive enrichment like tasty frozen treats and fun playgroup sessions with other dogs.

rescued puppies

Some of the puppies rescued from the scene have turned to other rescued dogs for parental comfort. Many animals like these need specialized, constant care in order to be properly socialized and grow healthy.

rescued puppies

Following the rescue, pregnant dogs gave birth to litters while in our care. To provide the best care for these newborns, they were matched up with a foster family.

a rescued dog

These dogs are out of the neglectful and harmful situation that they were once in and are currently on their road to recovery. Support from our members allows us to continue rescuing the animals who need us most.