5 Ways YOU Can Help Local Animal Shelters This Holiday Season!

November 16, 2023


Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? We may be a little biased, but we think helping animals is a great way to get involved and make a difference for those in need.

Right now, many animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country are at maximum capacity and in need of some extra help and resources. The ASPCA partners and collaborates with hundreds of local shelters and rescues as we work together toward our shared goal of helping save and improve the lives of animals in communities across the country. We’re hoping that you can also lend them a paw by taking any of the five actions below.

1. Adopt!

Did you know that adopting can help save multiple lives? Adoption adds a whole lot of love and cuteness to your life while giving a deserving animal a comfortable home, but it also makes room and opens up resources in the shelter for more animals in need.

2. Become a foster caregiver.

Adoption is a pretty big commitment, so if you’re not there yet, that’s okay! Instead, you can try fostering. Fostering helps to give you hands-on experience with having a pet in your home while also giving your foster pet a chance to decompress outside of the shelter and experience life in a loving home—maybe for the first time.

3. Donate necessary supplies or funds.

No matter the size of your local shelter, most organizations always appreciate donations of vital supplies like towels, blankets, toys or unopened pet food. Call ahead or check their social media to see what items are most in demand so you’re offering the greatest assistance given their specific and seasonal needs.

Additionally, many local shelters rely on their communities for financial support. By donating funds, hosting a digital fundraiser or asking for donations in lieu of birthday or other gifts, you can make a world of difference for your local shelter.

4. Volunteer!

If you’re not in a position to donate supplies or funds, try donating your time! Most shelters have volunteer programs to assist with a variety of needs like daily care or walks. By volunteering, you’re helping your local shelter AND seeing adorable animals—what could be better?

5. Spread the word on social media.

You don’t even have to leave your couch to make a difference. You can use your social media channels to share content and information from your local shelters or rescues, giving adoptable animals, or the shelter itself, more visibility.

However you choose to help, we are so thankful for your dedication and support for furry friends in need all over the country! Click below to find animal shelters and rescues near you so that you can get more information on how to get involved this holiday season.