16 Chihuahua/Yorkie-Mixes Surrendered by Overwhelmed Caregiver

March 11, 2020

ASPCA responder carrying rescued dog

On March 2, the ASPCA rescued 16 Chihuahua/ Yorkshire Terrier-mixes from the home of an overwhelmed caregiver in the Bronx, New York.

ASPCA responder carrying rescued dog out of the apartment

What began as three dogs in the home quickly multiplied as none of the animals were spayed or neutered. Most of the nearly twenty dogs—ranging from three months to five years in age—had been born in the apartment and had rarely, if ever, been outside.

ASPCA responder carrying rescued dog

As our responders approached the residence, they heard high-pitched barking from down the stairs; one dog had even gone hoarse from continuous barking.

ASPCA responder carrying rescued dog down stairs

The dogs were confined to a small apartment, and often barked at and bit each other. They were extremely fearful, with many of them trembling, clinging to our responders, and in some cases, drooling or soiling themselves out of fear.

ASPCA responder carrying rescued dog

Our responders found two dogs cowering under a bed, one with bite wounds on his ears. Because of the strong bond these two dogs shared with each other, efforts will be made to keep them together during their recovery and when the time comes for them to be made available to go to a new home.

Rescued dog being medically examined

The 16 dogs are now in the care of the ASPCA, and are being groomed and medically evaluated while they settle into their new surroundings.

rescued dog in a carrier for transport

While in our care, they will undergo behavioral rehabilitation to help them begin to feel more comfortable with a variety of real-life situations like walking on a leash, being handled, and meeting new people.

ASPCA responder holding a rescued dog

For these dogs, so much of what they will experience in the coming weeks may be brand new. Their paws may have never touched grass. They may have never smelled fresh air or felt a breeze. They may have never felt warm sun. Our behavior team is working daily to introduce these dogs to life outside the four walls they had been confined to. Thanks to our supporters, these innocent animals will have a chance to experience the world.

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