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Too often, dogs and cats in shelters are at risk of euthanasia simply due to shelter overcrowding and a lack of resources. The ASPCA Relocation program and Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride saves lives across the United States by relocating animals to areas where adoptable animals are in high demand. Relocation is an effective and critical tool to prevent needless euthanasia of adoptable pets.  

ASPCA transport

Using both land and air transportation, the ASPCA partners with “source” shelters in areas with high homeless pet populations and transports animals to “destination” shelters in communities where adoptable animals are in high demand. We work with partner shelters to provide the assistance and guidance necessary to keep all animals safe and healthy during transport and prevent the spread of disease.

ASPCA transport

The ASPCA’s relocation efforts provide resources, support and training to both source and destination shelters. Effective relocation partnerships not only help the shelters in need reduce overcrowding, but also allows them to focus on development of best practices and new programs to improve animal welfare and save more lives. The ASPCA Relocation Program strives to not only impact the number of animals housed at partner shelters, but also to help shelters create and strengthen programs that will have a long-term effect on animal welfare in the surrounding community.