Matt’s Blog: Stepping Up to Help Ukrainian Animals in Need

March 16, 2022


The dog in the photo was rescued during the ASPCA’s response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti

By ASPCA President & CEO Matt Bershadker

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting war has killed thousands of people and created an enormous humanitarian crisis for millions of refugees, including many animals. Like most people following these events, we’ve been shocked by tragic scenes of devastation and desperation in the news, including images of Ukrainians trying to flee with pets in their arms.

Seeing these people and animals in need and understanding our humane purpose as an organization, we decided to take action by offering $150,000 in emergency funds to international animal welfare efforts responding to the urgent needs of animals and pet owners impacted by the war. The funding will support the delivery of critical rescue and emergency sheltering services, including veterinary care, pet food and other vital supplies.

Being a U.S. organization, acting outside our borders is highly unusual but not unprecedented. In 2010, we sent response teams to Haiti to assist with animal rescue needs following a massive earthquake. We feel that the impact of the war on people and animals both in the region and within the United States also calls for a commitment to save lives and protect the bonds between humans and pets, which are more vital than ever during a crisis.

We are proud to provide this aid in line with our mission, and thank everyone doing and contributing what they can to help Ukrainian people, pets and shelters during this very dangerous time. We also share the world’s hope that peace and security return to this area as soon as possible.