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The ASPCA in Miami, Florida

The ASPCA Community Veterinary Center is open and providing veterinary care for Miami-Dade residents by appointment. Due to COVID*, services may be limited to animals who are sick, in distress and/or in immediate need of veterinary care. Healthy pet service such as vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery may be offered as space permits.
  • ASPCA services are available by appointment only by calling 844-MY-ASPCA.
  • Effective April 1, 2021, the ASPCA Community Veterinary Center has resumed its regular low-cost fee structure for Miami-Dade County residents in need of basic and preventative veterinary care services.

    The ASPCA remains committed to providing low-cost, affordable veterinary services to Miami-Dade County residents and their pets.

    Clients with proof of public assistance may qualify for reduced fees. To support pet owners during these challenging times, the ASPCA is currently offering financial assistance for clients with proof of unemployment benefits.
  • The ASPCA offers dog licenses for purchase, and collects license fees, on behalf of Miami-Dade County. Dog license fees are not included in the ASPCA fee waiver and are due at the time of purchase.
*COVID-19 Safety Notice: The ASPCA is committed to prioritizing the health and safety of the community, the animals in our care, as well as our staff, and we are keeping a close eye on COVID-19 (coronavirus) developments as they evolve. In order to help us continue to serve pets in need, we ask that clients who have recently traveled to a high-risk country, had any exposure to symptomatic or confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, are confirmed positive themselves, or are feeling ill, to please reschedule your appointment or have another caregiver/family member bring your pet in for their appointment. 

Already have an appointment? We are located at 1320 NW 62nd Street in Miami, FL

The ASPCA works to improve animals’ lives and keep more pets with their loving families in communities that struggle with animal homelessness and have gaps in veterinary care. By increasing access to basic veterinary care and pet resources in the areas of greatest need, we aim to create healthier communities for cats, dogs and their families.

Through our Community Veterinary Center in Liberty City, Miami, we are providing critical services, supplies and medical care to pets in need.

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Contact Us

For pet owners who live in Miami-Dade and need non-emergency assistance with their pets, please complete the form below and we will contact you within 72 hours. Please do not use this form for emergency care. If your pet requires emergency care, visit your local veterinary emergency hospital.

To find a full-service veterinarian for medical emergencies in your area, please visit the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) website which will assist you in locating an accredited veterinary practice.



Reporting Animal Abuse

If you believe you have witnessed or otherwise have knowledge of animal abuse, we encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agency or animal control agency authorized to investigate animal related crimes in your jurisdiction. While the ASPCA works with local law enforcement throughout the country to assist with investigations into alleged abuse, we do not enforce the animal cruelty laws, nor are we associated with any local SPCAs that may have authority to do so.

To report abuse in Miami-Dade County, you can contact the Animal Services Department either by calling 311 or (305) 468-5900, or for crimes in progress, calling 911. You can also submit a report on the Miami-Dade Animal Services website.

In all other areas, you should contact the local agency responsible for investigating animal crimes. If you are unsure of the appropriate agency, you can contact your local police department or sheriff’s office.

Additional information and tips on recognizing and reporting animal abuse is available on our website.

Additional Information for Miami-Dade Residents

For additional information on ASPCA services for Miami-Dade County residents, see our Community Veterinary Center page and Frequently Asked Questions page. If you reside in Miami-Dade County and are in need of additional pet resources, please visit the Miami-Dade Animal Services website or call 311. You can also visit the Miami Resources webpage for additional information on local resources.