Black and Tan
7 years
53 lbs

Meet Gertie! Gertie is a sweet and fun-loving dog who genuinely enjoys the company of other dogs!  Her foster family shared that “she is friendly with every dog we encounter. An absolute sweetheart.”

Gertie’s foster family also noted that she is quiet in the home and will only bark when someone comes to the door or if there’s large wildlife (like deer) on the lawn. She especially loves the chance to jump in some water when she hits the trails with her foster family. She is a playful and silly dog who self entertains with toys. She’s also crate trained and can be left alone as needed while you’re out picking up snacks to share. 

Big fan of: Walks! Gertie is a dream on leash and loves to go on walks. She is always ready to play and especially loves new adventures! According to her foster family, “She has minimal exercise requirements. A daily neighborhood walk is absolutely enough to keep her happy. That said, she loves to hike and is ready for adventure too. We regularly hike three to five miles with her, on single track in the mountains, and she handles it like a champ!” 

Gertie loves jerky treats which makes training her a lot of fun. Gertie is learning cues like “let’s go,” and “come here” and can be contained with an ex-pen when you need to head out or give her some down time. Give this gal a bully stick and she will be your best friend. While Gertie does enjoy walks, she is a relaxed dog that enjoys the simple things in life.

Working on: Recall and her confidence. Gertie can be a bit fearful, especially around some men, other new people and in unfamiliar places, so going to a new home can be an adjustment for her. An adopter who is dedicated to making Gertie feel safe, happy and loved, especially during the first few weeks, is key! She is also still learning to come when called and could benefit from some confidence building around new encounters. She is looking for an adopter whose ready and willing to take on reward-based training to boost her confidence and bring her out of her shy dog shell. 

Dream home: Gertie loves to run off leash in fenced areas—she doesn’t have a consistent recall, so she should remain on-leash if you aren't in a fenced area. Within a fence, she will hop around joyfully while she runs and plays! Have a window that gets a significant sun beam? You can follow the beam straight to Gertie’s sweet face as she enjoys a toy and then naps in the warmth of the sun. Gertie has a mild tear in one of her knees, so keeping the hikes and walks to less intense inclines can help her maintain her knee health. She is not in need of surgery or medication at this time, but this could be something that comes up down the line. 

If Gertie sounds like your dream come true, please email Cricket at [email protected] to submit an application!