U.S. House Resolution Introduced Against Gas Chamber Euthanasia

ASPCA commends Rep. Jim Moran for encouraging states to prohibit the use of inhumane gas chambers
July 23, 2012

NEW YORK—The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) commends Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) for introducing a resolution condemning the use of gas chambers in animal shelters. The resolution urges states to require injection by licensed and certified individuals to be the standard method of euthanasia at animal shelters.

"This measure is a huge step forward in the trend to abandon inhumane gas chambers," said Nancy Perry, senior vice president of ASPCA Government Relations. "Gassing can take up to 30 minutes to kill an animal and often causes panic and suffering. We appreciate Rep. Moran for introducing this resolution to urge states to abandon this outdated method."

"I am pleased to introduce this resolution with the support of several of my constituents to bring more attention to this unnecessarily gruesome practice of using gas chambers to kill shelter animals" said Rep. Moran. "I am hopeful that with the continued advocacy of compassionate citizens, we can put an end to this outdated practice."

H. Res. 736, if passed, would express the U.S. House of Representatives' opposition to the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals.  It would also express support for state laws to require the use of more humane euthanasia methods.  House simple resolutions convey the opinion of the House, and are not presented to the president to sign.

The ASPCA believes it is critically important that euthanasia is administered with compassion and care, which gas chambers do not provide. When performed properly, euthanasia by injection of sodium pentobarbital is the safest, most humane method, and the least stressful to the animal.

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