SaveABunny, Inc. Wins ASPCA "Angels in Top Hats" Grant

Rabbit rescue awarded $25,000 to continue life-saving efforts
January 23, 2013

Mill Valley, Calif.— SaveABunny, Inc., a volunteer-based, non-profit animal rescue group, today announced it has been chosen to receive a $25,000 "Angels in Top Hats" grant from the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) for its commitment to rescuing rabbits. This grant will fund urgently needed shelter upgrades that are essential to the expert operation of SaveABunny's full scale animal rescue work.

The funds from this grant will allow SaveABunny to create a dedicated medical and quarantine area for critically ill rabbits, expand rabbit play zones which are vital for enrichment and recovery, upgrade rabbit houses, and replace broken equipment. To maximize the reach of these funds, SaveABunny is hopeful that compassionate members of the community and local businesses will donate time and resources such as space planning, carpentry and handy work skills and building materials.

"The work that SaveABunny does is both heartbreaking and hopeful, caring for abused and neglected rabbits," said SaveABunny Founder and Executive Director, Marcy Schaaf. "We are grateful to the ASPCA for recognizing the plight of rabbits, which are often at high risk of euthanasia. This grant will allow us to provide an even deeper level of care for these highly intelligent, sensitive and often misunderstood companion animals.  The demand for rescue assistance has surpassed our available resources, and in order to maintain and extend our life-saving work at the high standards we keep, we urgently need these upgrades to our facility."

"The ASPCA Angels in Top Hats grant is unique in that the winner is chosen by our staff," said Michael Barrett, vice president of grants management for the ASPCA. "SaveABunny exemplifies ASPCA founder Henry Bergh's vision of preventing cruelty to animals. Their application was inspiring and heartfelt, and it was clear they deserved this grant so they can continue to carry out their mission."

Working in close partnership with more than 30 California shelters, SaveABunny rescues, rehabilitates (if needed), and finds homes for 200 to 300 house rabbits who face imminent euthanasia every year. SaveABunny is often the only resource for house rabbits deemed "unadoptable" due to extenuating medical needs sometimes resulting from trauma, neglect or abuse. The number of rabbits being abandoned at animal shelters has increased recently due to the economic downturn and the increased popularity of rabbits as pets. SaveABunny performs community outreach programs in an effort to educate shelter staff and the public about the required daily and long-term care for rabbits as pets.

The ASPCA's Angels in Top Hats grants council is a program designed to award worthwhile grant funding to organizations in need. The council's name pays tribute to the ASPCA's founder Henry Bergh, a dapper, 19th century gentleman with a fondness for side-whiskers and top hats. The ASPCA is among the top providers of grant funds to local animal welfare organizations across the country, supporting its mission of providing effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. Since 2008, the ASPCA has awarded more than $50 million in grants for animal welfare and anti-cruelty assistance in all 50 states as well as other regions. Grant support is provided to a variety of animal welfare organizations through cash awards, sponsorships, executive and technical assistance and training.