Pop Superstar Sia Partners with the ASPCA to Help Fight Puppy Mill Cruelty

ew video narrated by Sia urges dog lovers to join the fight against cruel dog breeding
March 27, 2018

NEW YORK— The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) and pop superstar Sia released a video today as part of the ASPCA’s new anti-puppy mill initiative, Barred From Love, urging the public to join the fight for love and speak out against the cruel puppy breeding industry.

Breeding dogs in puppy mills are often kept in dark, cramped and dirty conditions where they never get to experience love and kindness. Sia lends her voice to the ASPCA’s animated video encouraging supporters to join the fight for love and share the truth about the cruel commercial breeding industry on social media. The ASPCA’s #BarredFromLove campaign also encourages dog lovers to adopt from a local shelter or rescue group or learn how to sniff out the good from the cruel when it comes to finding a dog breeder.

"Anyone who loves dogs would be appalled to learn about the horrible things happening to dogs in the cruel breeding industry; not just the puppies, but the mother dogs, who spend their lives pumping out puppies for profit,” said Jennie Lintz, director of the ASPCA’s Puppy Mills Campaign. “The ASPCA is grateful to Sia for lending her voice to our Barred From Love campaign to encourage people to help fight for the love all dogs deserve so we can put an end to these cruel practices."

To watch the ASPCA’s video and take a stand against puppy mill cruelty, please visit BarredFromLove.org.