OK Humane, ASPCA, Code 3 Associates Initiate Cat Trapping Program for Pet Owners Impacted by the Tornado in Oklahoma City Areas

National, local agencies collaborate to help reunite lost cats with their families
May 29, 2013

NEW YORK—The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), at the request of Central Oklahoma Humane Society (OK Humane) in Oklahoma City, Okla., has initiated a cat trapping program for the families impacted by the tornado in the Oklahoma City areas. Code 3 Associates Animal Disaster Response (Longmont, Colo.) is also assisting with this effort.

Pet owners are encouraged to call OK Humane at (405) 532-4216 to report lost cats and request tracking assistance. The dispatcher will require pet owners to provide an address where responders should set traps, a general description of the cats, and the pet owner’s contact information. OK Humane will provide temporary sheltering and daily care for cats found through the trapping assistance program until they are reunited with their families.

"We have been able to reunite many lost pets with their families and we hope to witness many more reunions through this cat trapping program," said Dr. Dick Green, director of disaster response for the ASPCA's Field Investigations and Response team. "We will continue to assist Central Oklahoma Humane Society as long as we're needed."

"Our team at OK Humane is extremely grateful for the assistance provided by the ASPCA and Code 3 Associates during this tragic time," said Christy Counts, president and executive director of OK Humane. "We are looking forward to working together to help families find their lost cats."

The cat trapping program will begin on May 29 and run through June 5. In addition to setting up cat traps requested by individual pet owners, OK Humane, ASPCA and Code 3 Associates will set traps throughout the area to find any additional animals displaced by the disaster.

ASPCA responders have been on the ground since last week assisting OK Humane with shelter operations as the facility experiences an influx of animals affected by the devastating tornado that hit Moore, Okla. on May 20. The ASPCA and OK Humane are also coordinating the distribution of pet food to impacted areas.

OK Humane urges Moore-area pet owners who are searching for a lost cat or dog to call (405) 672-0064, or visit www.okclostpets.com or 2901 SE 29th Street in Oklahoma City, Okla. ‎For more information about how you can help the pets and people of Oklahoma, please visit OK Humane.