Midwestern States Receive $85,000 from ASPCA to Help Animals During Disasters

Grants will fund animal rescue trailers, equipment and training for disaster-prone communities
March 14, 2017

New York, N.Y.—The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today announced the recipients of this year’s ASPCA Midwest Disaster Resiliency Grants—a program that provides local communities with much-needed funding, training, and equipment to better serve and assist animals and pet owners during and after disasters. A total of nearly $85,000 has been granted to groups across eight Midwestern states. In February alone, FEMA issued disaster declarations for severe winter storms, flooding and mudslides in states including Oklahoma, South Dakota and Nevada.

“Midwest communities are realizing that pets and livestock cannot be an afterthought in times of crisis,” said Lacie Davis, ASPCA disaster response manager. “Without dedicated animal response training and equipment, animal lives will be lost in the scramble. These grants will fund those necessary resources, helping to keep animals and their owners safe.”

The ASPCA is providing a total of nearly $85,000 to the groups below:

  • Anderson County Emergency Management (Garnett, Kan.)- $2,500 for animal sheltering supplies to establish emergency shelters for pets during and after a disaster;

  • Animal Rescue League Of Iowa (Des Moines, Iowa) - $1,900 for a Large Animal Rescue Glide to rescue trapped livestock and horses during emergencies across the state of Iowa;

  • City of Sioux Falls Animal Control and Sioux Falls Area Humane Society (South Dakota) - $14,000 for a disaster response trailer and emergency supplies to carry out large-scale animal rescues and evacuations;

  • Franklin County Emergency Management (Hampton, Iowa) - $2,500 for animal sheltering supplies in order to allow Franklin County emergency shelters to accept both pets and people;

  • Kansas SART, Inc. (Wichita, Kan.) - $11,500 for a disaster response trailer with enough sheltering supplies to setup a temporary animal shelter at a moment’s notice;

  • Lincoln County Emergency Management (North Platte, Neb.) - $11,500 for a disaster response trailer used to evacuate and shelter animals during emergencies;

  • North Iowa Community Emergency Response Team (Mason City, Iowa)- $1,925 for rescue supplies to stock their animal disaster response trailer;

  • Payne County Animal Response Team (Oklahoma) - $5,000 for a mobile pet shelter capable of housing 60+ pets, which could be parked outside evacuation shelters, allowing evacuees to stay in close proximity to their pets during emergencies;

  • Platte County Sheriff’s Office (Platte City, Mo.) - $5,500 for a disaster response trailer and sheltering supplies to establish an emergency animal shelter in the event of a disaster;

  • Region 22 Emergency Management (Scottsbluff, Neb.) - $2,000 to equip and train a County Animal Response Team (CART);

  • Sibley County Emergency Management (Gaylord, Minn.) - $2,500 to train local fire departments in responding to roadway accidents involving livestock—a common occurrence in Minnesota;

  • St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management (Missouri) - $6,500 for a mobile pet shelter capable of housing 60+ pets, which could be parked outside evacuation shelters, allowing evacuees to stay in close proximity to their pets during emergencies; and

  • Ward County Emergency Management (Minton, N.D.) - $16,675 for a disaster response trailer and rescue equipment.

The ASPCA Midwest Disaster Resiliency Program enables the ASPCA to work with communities in disaster-prone areas to enhance their ability to respond to animals and pet owners affected by disasters. The program targets government agencies and animal welfare organizations in the Midwest, an area of the country which experiences a high frequency of disasters, yet often receives little attention or support.

Organizations interested in applying for funding or assistance through the program in the future should contact Lacie Davis at [email protected]. States eligible for the program include: Arkansas; Minnesota; Montana; Oklahoma; Kansas; Iowa; South Dakota; North Dakota; Missouri; and Nebraska.

Organizations outside of the Midwest seeking disaster response funding should visit: http://www.aspcapro.org/grants