Fact Sheet: ASPCA Rescue at Lawrence County Animal Shelter

July 22, 2015

The ASPCA has been working tirelessly to care for neglected animals seized on June 30 from the Lawrence County Animal Shelter in Moulton, Ala.

This fact sheet provides details of the events and activities related to this rescue as confirmed by the Moulton Police Department, ASPCA Investigations and Legal Advocacy experts, local eye-witness accounts, and local and state journalistic media who have been present at the scene.

  • On June 30, the ASPCA assisted the Moulton Police Department in seizing more than 300 animals from the Lawrence County Animal Shelter after a shelter volunteer reported incidents of animal abuse and mistreatment at the facility. The ASPCA was contacted by the Moulton Police Department for assistance with this case following the reported abuse.
  • Upon entering the Lawrence County Animal Shelter, ASPCA responders found animals living in filthy, overcrowded conditions. Dead animals were discovered on a daily basis. Some animals were emaciated and many were suffering from medical issues including parvovirus, distemper and untreated wounds. Some of the animals were suffering from such severe medical issues that humane euthanasia was necessary to prevent further suffering. Two of these euthanasia procedures were specifically requested by Bobbie Taylor on behalf of her pets, including an elderly dog suffering from advanced cancer.
  • The ASPCA hosted a fee-waived adoption event in Moulton, Ala. on Saturday and Sunday, July 25 and 26, to help these animals – all of whom have been vaccinated and micro-chipped by the ASPCA – find loving homes. The ASPCA has a formal adoption process, developed by animal behaviorists and shelter experts, to help ensure that animals are going to safe and loving individuals. This process includes a detailed application form and mandatory meetings with adoption counselors to assess prospective owners’ home environments as well as their capability to care for an animal, including special needs a particular animal may have.
  • Research has shown that fee-waived adoptions – which use the same application and evaluation process as fee-based adoptions – do not devalue the animal in the eyes of the adopter or compromise the care received by the adopted animal. From this research and our vast experience in the field, we know that fee-waived adoption events are a safe way to attract additional interest and new adopters, which saves lives. 
  • The ASPCA found homes for more than 200 animals during the two-day adoption event on July 25 and 26, which drew in more than 900 people throughout Alabama and from as far as Georgia and Tennessee. Despite the sweltering heat, many families and individuals came to the ASPCA’s temporary shelter to give these animals a second chance. We’re grateful for the support of the local community – volunteers, the public and the media – on this major rescue effort and for their help placing these animals in loving homes.
  • Following the adoption events, the ASPCA transported the remaining animals rescued from Lawrence County Animal Shelter to various animal welfare agencies across the country to be made available for adoption. Some of the dogs who required behavioral rehabilitation for severe fear and under-socialization were transported to the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center, where animal behavior experts provided treatment to help them become suitable for adoption.
  • On May 22, 2018, Bobbie Taylor was sentenced to a total of nine months in county jail, which is suspended subject to 24 months of probation, with a minimum of the first three months of the probation being supervised. Some of the conditions of the probation require that Bobbie Taylor shall not violate any Federal, State, or local law; permit the Probation Officer to visit her home or elsewhere; pay fines, court costs, restitution, assessments, and other court-ordered monies; report to and cooperate fully with a mental health provider for assessment and treatment of all mental health conditions and diseases; not own, possess, or have in her custody or control any animals other than the ten she was permitted to keep pursuant to the July 2015 animal surrender agreement.

Below are further details on this case, as reported by credible sources with access to first-hand information.

Complaints Filed Against Bobbie Taylor

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