ASPCA® Urges Pennsylvania Voters to Outlaw Gas Chambers in Animal Shelters

Help Animals by Asking Your Senators to Support S.B. 672
June 30, 2010

NEW YORK—The ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is urging Pennsylvania voters to ask their senators to support Senate Bill 672, which would outlaw the use of gas chambers in animal shelters.  

"Gassing is outdated and inhumane," said Debora Bresch, the ASPCA's Senior Director of Government Relations for the Eastern Region. "It can take up to 30 minutes to be effective and cause many animals to panic and suffer during the procedure. Gas chambers also pose a serious risk to shelter employees because carbon monoxide is highly toxic to humans and difficult to detect."

If enacted, S.B 672 would require Pennsylvania animal shelters that still gas animals to convert to euthanasia by injection (EBI). Many local and national organizations have voiced their support for S.B. 672, and many other states have already outlawed the use of gas chambers.

"Unfortunately, this important humane legislation, which was introduced by Senator Sean Logan over a year ago, has not advanced since passage in the Senate Agriculture Committee," added Ms. Bresch, "With the legislative session winding down, time is of the essence for Pennsylvania's shelter animals, and we urge voters to contact their senators today to ensure that S.B. 672 passes."

The ASPCA believes it is critically important that euthanasia is administered with compassion and care, which gas chambers do not provide. When performed properly, euthanasia by injection of sodium pentobarbital is the safest, most humane method, and the least stressful to the animal.