The ASPCA Urges Governor Lynch to Sign Greyhound Racing Bill

New Law Would Protect Greyhounds from Cruelty
May 4, 2010

NEW YORK—Today the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is urging Governor Lynch to totally eliminate greyhound racing in New Hampshire by signing into law H.B. 630. Since 1972 greyhound racing has been legal in the state, causing thousands of dogs to endure the pain and suffering associated with this industry. The dogs are caged nearly twenty hours a day and routinely suffer from racing injuries including paralysis, broken limbs, and death.

"Greyhounds are lovely, affectionate animals who are treasured as pets in many New Hampshire homes," said Ann Church, the ASPCA's Sr. Director of Legislative Services. "They deserve to be treated humanely. The exploitation they endured for so many years can never be allowed to occur again.  If H.B. 630 is signed into law by Governor Lynch the door will be slammed on a business that caused incredible suffering."

They greyhound industry has been responsible for excessive breeding of dogs as they seek the fastest runners, which has added to the pet overpopulation problem. This has caused hardship for many animal shelters and rescue groups that are dedicated to finding homes for the rejected racers. In addition, because profits are rare, most greyhound owners operate on shoe string budgets thus providing only minimum care for the animals while they race. This negligent care means that many dogs turned over to rescue groups are suffering from malnutrition, flea infestations, and poor socialization.

The last race track in New Hampshire closed in June 2009, but greyhound racing is currently legal in the state and there is no prohibition in place to stop another operator from once again commencing it. H.B. 630, which was sponsored by Representative Mary Cooney, has already passed both the House and Senate with strong support, and the ASPCA is respectfully requesting Governor Lynch sign the bill into law.

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