ASPCA Urges Gov. Holcomb to Veto Bill that Could Fuel Puppy Mill Cruelty in Indiana

February 26, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – In response to the Indiana General Assembly’s passage of H.B. 1412, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is urging Gov. Eric Holcomb to veto this harmful bill that will strip Indiana’s cities of their authority to prevent the sale of puppies in retail pet stores, allowing puppy mill cruelty to flourish.

Most puppies sold in pet stores come from inhumane commercial dog breeding facilities where profit is prioritized over the welfare of the dogs, also known as puppy mills. These dogs spend their lives confined to overcrowded and unsanitary enclosures without adequate veterinary care, food, water, or socialization. In addition to the inhumane treatment these dogs receive, dogs bred in such poor conditions produce puppies who often suffer from health and behavioral problems. Families are left unprepared for the financial and emotional consequences of caring for a sick dog.

“H.B. 1412 is supported by the very industry that profits off of the inhumane treatment of dogs and will do nothing more than give Hoosiers a false sense of protecting dogs from the heartbreaking reality of commercial breeding facilities,” said Sana Azem, ASPCA senior legislative director for the Midwest division. “Humane organizations are unified in our opposition of this bill and we urge Governor Holcomb to veto H.B. 1412 to preserve critical local protections for animals and our communities.”

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