ASPCA Partners with Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake to Enhance Critical Resources and Care for Homeless Animals in Tool, Texas

Animal welfare professionals provide boots-on-the-ground training and consultation in joint effort to improve the lives of shelter cats and dogs
April 20, 2022

Humane society strongly urges community to foster, adopt homeless animals in need as they reach capacity

TOOL, Texas—At the request of the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake (HSCCL), the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) was recently on the ground in Tool, Texas providing local shelter professionals with training and support to better serve homeless animals in the community. Through the partnership, ASPCA animal sheltering, medical, and behavior experts worked alongside humane society staff to share essential resources and protocols, including enrichment techniques, infectious disease control, and daily care tactics that will enhance efficiency and improve the lives of the shelter’s cats and dogs by building on their capacity to respond to the needs within Henderson and neighboring counties.

HSCCL is urging community members to support their efforts by fostering and adopting animals. Fostering helps shelters conserve their space and resources for animals in critical need and gives foster caregivers a chance to personally change an animal’s life for the better. Those interested in adopting or fostering an animal can visit for more information. HSCCL is also encouraging the public to support its operations through monetary donations in advance of East Texas Giving Day.

“The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake is dedicated to meeting the needs of animals in East Texas, and the ASPCA is grateful to be in a position where we can work alongside them as they enhance their capacity to care for the community’s homeless cats and dogs,” Christa Chadwick, vice president of ASPCA Shelter Services. “Addressing animal welfare issues requires collaboration and teamwork, and we look forward to continuing to partner with the humane society to share critical resources and information.”

“As a national organization, the ASPCA has extensive knowledge in best practices for sheltering professionals, and the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake is thankful for their commitment to our animals and sheltering staff,” said Monika Allen, interim director of the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake. “We look forward to applying key learnings and implementing sheltering protocols that will help the homeless cats and dogs in our care experience a good quality of life until they can move on to new, loving homes.”

Through its Animal Relocation & Placement program, the ASPCA transported homeless animals out of the shelter, where they are at a higher risk for euthanasia due to capacity, to shelters in regions where they have a higher chance of being adopted. These transport efforts, which have resulted in the relocation of more than 50 homeless animals in recent weeks, will free up essential resources for the humane society to direct toward animals and pet owners with the greatest needs.