ASPCA Partners with Dallas-Based Organizations to Provide Comprehensive Animal Cruelty Investigations Training

Law enforcement officers and animal welfare professionals from across Texas learn how to effectively identify, investigate, and prosecute animal cruelty
April 3, 2023

DALLAS, Texas – The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) in collaboration with Dallas Animal Services, Operation Kindness, and the Dallas Police Department hosted a comprehensive animal cruelty investigation training for law enforcement, prosecutors, animal control officers, animal welfare and veterinary professionals based in and around Texas.

During the three-day, hands-on training, attendees learned about animal cruelty laws in Texas, investigating and responding to animal cruelty cases including hoarding situations, puppy mills and dogfighting, identifying and collecting evidence, veterinary forensic evaluations, and the link between animal cruelty and other major crimes, and best practices for sheltering animal cruelty victims. Attendees also participated in mock crime scene documentation, a testimony workshop, and other hands-on exercises.

“The ASPCA recognizes the lifesaving benefits of ensuring law enforcement officers and animal welfare professionals across the country are equipped with the tools and resources they need to effectively prevent and respond to animal cruelty situations in their communities,” said ASPCA Legal Advocacy Senior Counsel Elizabeth Brandler. “Addressing suspected animal cruelty is an essential step in enhancing public safety. Not only do we have a responsibility to keep the animals in our communities safe, but there is a known link between animal-related crimes and other criminal activity.”

“Dallas Animal Services is grateful to the ASPCA who immediately responded to the call to provide this invaluable training and guidance,” said MeLissa Webber, Director, Dallas Animal Services. “With the investigative efforts of the Dallas Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit and the forensic veterinary support of Operation Kindness, we are more confident than ever that we have the tools and teams in place needed to address animal cruelty in Dallas. Together, we are working to make Dallas a safer and better place for animals.”

"Operation Kindness is proud to collaborate with ASPCA, DAS and DPD to provide animal cruelty investigation training for law enforcement, prosecutors and animal welfare professionals in Texas,” said Ed Jamison, CEO of Operation Kindness. “By working together, we can ensure that those responsible for investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty cases have the necessary knowledge and resources to hold offenders accountable and protect vulnerable animals."

“This training speaks to the commitment of our partners to ensure our investigators and those who prosecute animal cruelty cases have the tools they need to hold those accountable that commit these types of crimes,” said Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia. “I am grateful for the tireless work of the ASPCA, Dallas Animal Services, Operation Kindness and the men and women of the Dallas Police Department, specifically our Animal Cruelty Unit, who do all they can to prevent animal abuse, injury, and neglect.”

The ASPCA deploys nationally to assist local authorities with suspected animal cruelty situations and has supported Texas-based animal welfare organizations in recent years. In addition, it provides local communities with resources including grant funding, training, and subject matter expertise to effectively assist animal victims of cruelty.

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