ASPCA Launches Animal Behavior Center in Illinois

New Consulting Service Available to Champaign County Pet Owners and Veterinarians In Need of Assistance with Animal Behavior Problems
February 17, 2006

Urbana, Ill—Problems such as aggression, constant barking, not using the litterbox or destroying furniture are a source of great concern for many pet owners. In fact, behavior problems are the number one reason pets end up in shelters. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recognizes this, and in an effort to provide local area residents with help managing common behavior issues, has established the ASPCA Animal Behavior Center at their Midwest Office location in Urbana, Illinois.

“Our Center is dedicated to promoting a harmonious relationship between people and animals,” says Dr. Pamela Reid, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. “We believe this balance can be achieved through education, resulting in a better understanding of pets’ behavioral needs and how to address and successfully manage problems.”

The Animal Behavior Center provides a variety of services to pet owners and veterinarians in Illinois, including behavior consultations for dogs, cats, birds, horses and exotic pets, temperament testing and evaluation for puppies and adult dogs, rehabilitation programs for shelter animals, and forensic animal behavior analysis in dog and cat bite legal cases.

Dr. Reid and her colleague, Dr. Crista Coppola plan to provide effective behavioral counseling to local pet owners, and in doing so, enhance the bond between people and their companion animals. “We will work closely with area veterinarians,” states Dr. Reid, “to help ensure that there are no underlying medical conditions contributing to the behavior problem before implementing a treatment program.”

For more information about the ASPCA Animal Behavior Center, please call 1-888-226-4435 or email [email protected]. Additional information can also be found by visiting the Center on the web at