ASPCA Assists Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office with Rescue of Nearly 300 Neglected Animals from Hoarding Situation on Long Island

The animals, including cats, rabbits, and birds, were found in filthy, overcrowded conditions with untreated medical issues
October 18, 2022

BROOKHAVEN, N.Y.—At the request of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) urgently mobilized more than 20 responders to assist with the rescue of nearly 300 neglected animals from a home in Brookhaven, N.Y. The animals, including cats, rabbits, birds, tortoises, and snakes, are being removed from a hoarding situation where they were living in overcrowded conditions among filth – many surrounded by their own feces and urine and covered in vermin including cockroaches. Some of the animals were also suffering from untreated medical conditions.

The ASPCA is assisting with operational planning and removal, evidence collection and crime scene documentation, legal and investigative assistance, and forensic exams. The ASPCA is also helping to transport the animals to local shelters and rescue groups throughout New York where they will receive much-needed care.

“When ASPCA responders arrived on the property, it was clear immediate intervention was necessary to remove hundreds of neglected animals from the inhumane and brutal conditions they were subjected to and provide them with expert care,” said Matt Bershadker, ASPCA president and CEO. “The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office has developed a task force dedicated to helping animals in need, and we commend them for prioritizing efforts to stop animal neglect and cruelty in their communities. The ASPCA is proud to support their work by bringing these animals to safety and assisting the prosecutorial case through evidence collection, forensic exams, and legal and investigative support.”

“Thanks to our partnership with the Town of Brookhaven, we were alerted to the deplorable conditions these helpless animals were living in and we immediately took action,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney. “Through our partnerships with local government and rescue groups, we can work cohesively to ensure that these types of inhumane abuse of animals are addressed and those who participate in them are held accountable.”

Criminal charges resulting from this case are being prosecuted by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. The ASPCA is also providing investigative and legal assistance to further support the investigation and prosecution and to ensure the best legal outcome for these animals.

Last year, the ASPCA assisted the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office with the rescue of more than 80 dogs from an animal fighting operation. The ASPCA deploys nationally to assist local authorities in animal cruelty cases including animal fighting, hoarding, and puppy mills. They also provide local communities with resources including grant funding, training, and subject matter expertise to effectively assist animals during cruelty and disaster situations.