ASPCA Announces Recent Arrests for Animal Cruelty In Neglect of 12-year-old Chow-Chow, 10-Month-Old Pit Bull Pup

June 26, 2008

NEW YORK, June 26, 2008—Humane Law Enforcement agents of the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) arrested two men this past week for misdemeanor animal cruelty.

ASPCA Special Agent Debbie Koch arrested John Monserrate, 30, in front of his home at 316 E. 164 St. in the Bronx on June 23. On April 21, Monserrate had taken his 10-week-old male pit bull to the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, where veterinarians discovered that he weighed just 5.9 pounds. The dog, named Trux, was also suffering from a below-normal body temperature, anemia and untreated ulcers on his paw pads and hind joints. He was immediately taken into ASPCA custody, and veterinarians provided life saving medical care. Just one month later, Trux had nearly tripled his weight, to 16 lbs.

One June 19, ASPCA Special Agent Joseph Vais arrested Brooklyn resident Constantin Golie. Golie, 60, of 223 Himrod Street in Brooklyn, was arrested following an anonymous complaint. Agent Vais and another ASPCA officer discovered a 12-year-old Chow-Chow named Baba in Golie’s basement. Baba, whose right ear was severely swollen from an untreated infection, was also severely matted. Clumps of her fur littered the basement floor, and no food or water was observed. Baba was rushed to the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, where veterinarians treated her wounds.

Both Baba and Trux’s owners, the suspects, voluntarily relinquished ownership of their dogs to ASPCA, where they are expected to be made available for adoption in the near future.

Both men are charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty and face up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.