ASPCA Announces $50,000 Donation from the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation to Support New Brooklyn Community Veterinary Center

July 23, 2019

NEW YORK – The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today announced a generous donation from the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation in support of the new ASPCA Community Veterinary Center opening next year in Brooklyn. The foundation has contributed $50,000 to help the ASPCA provide low-income pet owners in underserved communities with access to basic veterinary care, including vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery.

The ASPCA recently announced a groundbreaking, multi-year initiative to significantly improve the quality of life for New York City’s most vulnerable animals by increasing its capacity to care for victims of animal cruelty and expanding vital services to underserved pet owners and animal rescue organizations. The ASPCA is opening three new Community Veterinary Centers in underserved communities across the city, with the first facility scheduled to open in the Bronx in late fall 2019, followed by Brooklyn in 2020 and Manhattan in 2021. The new centers will have a meaningful, direct impact on tens of thousands of animals each year.

Beyond the direct impact in New York City, the ASPCA’s efforts will serve as a foundation for research and the development of new medical and behavior diagnostic and treatment protocols, which the organization will share throughout the veterinary and animal sheltering fields to elevate animal welfare efforts across the country.

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