Abused Kentucky Quarter Horses Thriving After Rescue and Rehab

ASPCA Grant to Speak Up for Horses Aids in the Care and Shelter of 48 Horses
June 7, 2010

NEW YORK—The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), today announced the completion of a $5,000 grant awarded to equine rescue group Speak Up for Horses following their rescue of 48 horses seized by local law enforcement in an animal cruelty case in Breckenridge County, Ky. The funding was used to assist in the care and placement of more than 30 horses. Sixteen of the rescued horses—including two pregnant mares—are still awaiting new homes.

In April 2009, authorities discovered 11 dead horses and another 48 starving on a local breeder’s farm. After the conviction of the breeder, they were slated to appear at auction, but with the support of the Breckenridge County Executive Judge Ray Powers, Speak Up for Horses was able to rescue the horses from possible sale to those who supply slaughterhouses and begin the slow process of rehabilitation.

“The sad reality is that abandoned and neglected horses often end up at auctions, or even worse, slaughterhouses, where their lives come to a brutal end,” said Jacque Schultz, Senior Director of Community Initiatives for the ASPCA. “Speak Up for Horses is dedicated to saving horses from such a fate. The organization has been instrumental in rescuing at-risk horses while increasing awareness about equine welfare."

Of the original 48 rescued, more than 30 have been placed in new homes, where an additional 10 foals have been born. The remaining 16 horses are currently receiving additional training to increase their opportunities for adoption.

“Caring for 48 neglected horses is extremely rewarding, but also challenging,” said Shelly Price, Board Secretary of Speak Up for Horses. “It is imperative for us to give these horses humane care and ensure they live out their lives in peaceful retirement. Without the ASPCA's support, this would not have been possible.”

The ASPCA Equine Fund provides grants to non-profit equine welfare organizations in the United States for purposes in alignment with our efforts to protect horses. Most ASPCA Equine Fund grants are awarded to those organizations whose focus and expertise is concentrated on reducing the suffering of horses, mules, and donkeys that have been abandoned or cruelly treated.

Speak Up For Horses, Inc. supports the rescue of slaughter-bound horses and partners with a variety of established equine organizations to rescue at-risk horses. The organization teaches classes to regional rescues and residents to determine how to report horse abuse and neglect to law enforcement, animal control and county officials and educate others about horse slaughter. In addition, they assist other equine rescues in matching available horses with adopters. If you are interested in providing additional financial assistance, please contact Shelly Price at [email protected].