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Are you passionate about delivering high-quality care to animals in need? Want to collaborate in a dynamic and complex environment with experts in the animal welfare field to optimize the overall well-being of animals? If so, a position at the ASPCA’s Cruelty Recovery Center (CRC) might be right for you!

About the Cruelty Recovery Center

At the ASPCA Cruelty Recovery Center (CRC) in Columbus, Ohio, a dedicated team of sheltering, veterinary and animal behavior staff work together to serve animals rescued in national cruelty cases and disaster response. This team works closely with the ASPCA’s National Field Response team (NFR), Veterinary Forensics, Legal Advocacy & Investigations (LAI), Behavioral Sciences (BST) and Shelter Medicine Services (SMS) teams to ensure well-coordinated operations and high-quality, holistic care for animal victims of neglect, abuse and natural disasters. The CRC team also provides care for animals housed in ASPCA temporary field shelters.

The CRC is part of the Rehabilitation Services Group, which also includes the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) in Weaverville, North Carolina, and the Recovery and Rehabilitation Center (R&R), which will be located in Pawling, New York. All three facilities provide opportunities for animals to heal after rescue. As they engage in hands-on care, teams prioritize the elevation of our work through ongoing learning, advancing the animal welfare field through research, developing effective, efficient interventions, establishing new best practices and sharing innovations with other organizations nationwide.

Current CRC Opportunities


The CRC’s medical team plays a vital role in delivering high-quality medical care to animals in need at the CRC and in ASPCA temporary field and emergency shelters.

Shelter Operations

The CRC’s shelter operations teams play critical roles to support animals and people by driving recruitment and retention of volunteers and responders essential to our national cruelty cases and disaster response and by delivering outstanding hands on care and support to animals at the CRC and in ASPCA temporary field and emergency shelters. The facilities team ensures a safe, efficient and comfortable environment for all occupants


The CRC’s behavior team plays a leading role in providing top quality care to safeguard the behavioral health of animals housed at the CRC and in ASPCA temporary field and emergency shelters.

Leadership & Administration

The CRC’s leadership and administration teams ensure excellent communication and cooperation among operations, behavior and medical staff, as well as the integration of other teams across the ASPCA. This team plays a critical role in ensuring well-coordinated operations and holistic, balanced, high-quality care for animal victims of neglect, abuse and natural disasters

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