Overview of Policies and Positions

The ASPCA is concerned with welfare issues of animals in the following categories:

  • Companion animals
  • Farm animals
  • Animals in research and education
  • Animals in entertainment, sport and work
  • Wild animals

In each of these areas, the ASPCA has developed policies that express the organization’s view regarding the appropriate treatment of animals. The ASPCA’s policies are grounded in the belief that animals inherently deserve our respect, compassion and consideration of their needs. The ASPCA’s policies are based on empirical evidence and are supported by scientific research that establishes animals’ capacity to feel pain and suffer. ASPCA policies are developed by an internal team of policy and subject matter experts and are reviewed and approved by the organization’s executive leadership team. 

In addition to broad policies regarding the humane treatment of animals (e.g., all companion animals should receive appropriate veterinary care), the ASPCA develops positions in response to specific situations as they arise.