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The ASPCA works with local, state and federal legislators to help enact meaningful protections for animals. We also offer advocacy training and support for citizens who wish to engage in grassroots lobbying. Stay informed and get involved—politics is not a spectator sport!

See a list of current, actionable alerts and invitations to local events below, and then use your voice to improve laws for animals.

USA: 45,000 Wild Horses Facing Death: Stop This Outrage

USA: We Must Pass Horse Slaughter Ban Before November!

USA: Join the ASPCA Horse Action Team!

USA: Protect Horses from Torture! Sign Petition to End Soring

USA: Urge Your Federal Lawmakers to Cosponsor the PAWS Act of 2015

USA: Keep Innocent Animals Safe from Torture!

USA: Help Extract Animals from Red Tape!

USA: Support Legislation to Protect Animals During Disasters!

USA: Help Stop Government-Funded Animal Torture

USA: Factory Farms Should Not Be Able to Meet “USDA Organic” Standards

USA: Farm Animals and Horses Face New Threats!

USA: Urge the USDA to Protect Puppy Mill Dogs Now!

USA: Consumers Deserve the Truth!

CO: Voter Rights and Animal Welfare In Jeopardy!

DC: Stop Dangerous Legislation Threatening the District's Cats!

MA Makes History for Farm Animals on Election Day

MD: Join Us for Online Advocacy Meetings!

MI: Support Animal-Protection Bills!

MI: Farm Animals Have Waited Long Enough—Let the Confinement Ban Deadline Stand!

OH: Animal-Protection Bills Need Your Voice!

OH: Enact Common-Sense Restrictions on Outdoor Tethering!

OH: Puppy Mill Puppies Are Counting On You!

OK: Great News, “Right to Harm” Defeated!

TX: Puppy Mill Dogs Need Your Voice!