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ASPCA Happy Tails: A Boost from Brewster

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 11:30am
Man playing with dog

Looking back at all of our Happy Tails, a clear theme emerges: pets are more than just furry, four-legged animals living in our homes. They are our best friends, our support systems, and our constant sources of joy. That’s why, when Joshua S. was struggling through a difficult period in his life, a dog named Brewster was the only thing able to turn it all around. Here is their Happy Tail.

Joshua grew up with dogs—a Pomeranian and a Newfoundland—but had been without a pup of his own since moving to New York City. While going through what he describes as “the most trying time in my life,” Joshua thought the companionship of a dog was just what he needed. At the end of May, he headed to the ASPCA Adoption Center in search of a little companion. “I was originally looking to adopt a smaller breed as they seemed more practical for city living,” says Joshua. “However, when I began looking at the ASPCA, I fell in love with pit bulls.”

Fortunately for Joshua, Brewster—a one-year-old pit bull—was at the ASPCA Adoption Center waiting for his new forever home. He and another dog, Bonnie, first came to the ASPCA in October 2013 after being rescued from an abusive situation. Though initially timid and nervous around new people, Brewster’s puppy-like energy soon shone through, and he was eager to meet the right person.

“I knew Brewster was the dog for me as soon as I saw him,” says Joshua. “I had seen quite a few dogs, but when I got to his room, he immediately jumped up and wanted to play.” The two spent some time getting to know each other, but Joshua was already certain that Brewster was right choice. “He was so affectionate, and you could tell that he had so much love to give. I knew definitively that he was the one.”

Dog jumping in the air to get kong toy

Back at home, Joshua’s new companion proved to be everything he had hoped for. “Brewster sleeps with me at night, and if he’s not curled up at the end of my bed, he’s next to me with one paw resting below my shoulder as if he’s protecting me.” Brewster loves to daydream by the windowsill, and the two pals spend lots of time together at the dog park, running, and exploring the neighborhood. Before Joshua leaves for work, he says, “Brewster will literally jump up and wrap his arms around me to give me a hug. He does the same when I return home, except he has a lot of kisses as well.”

Both Joshua and Brewster persevered through a period of suffering before they found each other, and their bond is so much stronger because of it. “I thought the companionship of a dog would help me through,” says Joshua, “and Brewster has done just that. He has helped me more than I could ever imagine possible.”

Brewster’s sister, Bonnie, is still waiting for her forever home. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, please contact the ASPCA Adoption Center at 212-876-770 ext. 4120.

Red and white pit bull laying on couch

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Brewster is just brimming with happiness-a very loving spirit. So happy for Josh and Brewster!


The photographs are great! So happy for both of them.


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Fantastic !!! They deserve each other and shelter pups and kitties are the best - they blossom with a 2nd chance at life... I should know I have 3 rescue dog and 3 rescue kitties :) ... it's a love fest at home !

Kamal Campbell

This is such a terrific story. Happy home: with happy pets!!!! Makes you feel good to take an very Friendly; hug to and adopted dog. They must be so truly touched with great expectations.


This is an extraordinary "happy tail" and loving, sharing, life-changing bond. Such terrific photos. Josh and Brewster are inspiring teachers for us all.


Great pics! Happy dog! Happy person!


So glad you 2 found each other!!


he is beautiful...happy for you both....

fraisers mom

That is such a great story. Your dog looks extremely happy!