New Investigation Shows Live Chickens on Factory Farm Buried with the Dead; Others Barely Able to Stand, Living in Filth

Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 4:45pm
Breaking Video: Live Chickens on Factory Farm Buried with the Dead; Others Barely able to Stand, Living in Filth

As many of you know, the ASPCA has been fighting through our Truth About Chicken campaign to improve the lives of chickens raised for meat. We want to make sure that you’ve seen CNN®’s report airing new footage released by the animal advocacy group Compassion Over Killing® (COK) from their recent investigation* on a chicken factory farm that supplies Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation®—the second-largest chicken producer in the world. Below is an excerpt from COK’s footage:

This rare look inside an industrial chicken farm reveals common living conditions for chickens raised for meat. Tens of thousands of chickens are kept in lightless sheds and bred for growth rates that cause lameness and open sores, injuries which could pose potential food safety risks by acting as gateways to infection. Some chickens are shown with ammonia burns as a result of lying in their own waste. Other birds are too lame or deformed to walk. This investigation also exposed the suffering of sick and dying chickens who were thrown across the sheds and buried alive in pits under the carcasses of other chickens.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The ASPCA’s Truth About Chicken campaign is calling on the chicken industry to significantly improve the lives of these animals and potentially reduce the incidence of foodborne illness for consumers by raising slower-growing chickens in better living conditions. To learn more and take action to help chickens, visit today.

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*The ASPCA provided grant funding for this investigation as part of our commitment to improving the lives of chickens raised for meat and in line with our belief that transparency on industrial farms will result in a shift toward more humane practices.  

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This makes me cry. If we're going to eat animals, the absolute least we can do is respect them while they're alive.

patrice rahill

I feel that the best way to put a halt to neglect, cruelty, and inhumane disposal of animals in the food industry, is to hit these people where it hurts the their pocket books! Social Media is an invaluable resource. Put it out there on every website available. Because of a lack of interest from the animal control dept. in a town in Florida, a woman( who had made NUMEROUS calls to no avail) went on Facebook & posted a cruelty report on her neighbor's dogs and got 2000 hits within an hour! Letters and calls were made from all over the country and the situation was delt with THAT afternoon!

Eva-Maria von Bronk

Yes, let's all post this on Facebook and may be it's time to pay attention to where the food is coming from that we put in our stomach! This video shows how bad things are all around, from the guy who works there (he can't be happy either!) to the peoples who don't care about animals but will get cancer and other diseases pretending they don't know why ...most of us have a hard time facing the truth because it will affect our lifestyle. I think nobody asks where the chicken come from when eating out in restaurants ....let's start changing that! I eat very little meat and have a lot of respect to those who are vegetarian. I still think it's a shame we can't enjoy some chicken once in a while. I only buy at stores like Whole Foods, but we need to make sure they don't ever buy from factories like those shown on this video.


Hitting the in the pocket book only hurts the consumer when they raise thier prices to compensate. Instead give them jail time.


The court system is not going to prosecute such a matter, simply because the meat industry has deep pockets. You should know that.


YES, the meat industry has 'deep pockets', but no one has pockets as deep as those of the People. Our pockets rule, while theirs can merely influence. We, the People, are the consumers of those chickens - and We, buy them. For these producers, it is going to be 'our way, or the highway', as long as We stick together, and unite our efforts. Industry 'pockets' aren't deep, they are just joined together in unity. If we do that, just a little bit - they lose a great deal of revenue, every single day. I have raised many hundreds of free-range chickens and turkeys, and they provide our very best food source, from egg to plate. Our food must be respected, and these birds must be protected. A serious bird-borne disease, could kill 80 percent of this planet, in a short period of time. Chicken, is everywhere !! We need to figure out how to get the feds, the FDA, and the Departments of Agriculture, state and federal, all together on the same page.


ONE MORE THING ! If it isn't produced by FRANK Purdue, don't do it !! If it costs a little more, then so be it - because its worth more.

lisa mitchell

thank you


Sounds like a good idea to me.


Sara, I couldn't agree more.