ASPCA Happy Tails: Comet Becomes a Star

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 2:00pm
Small black and white cat

Living in the home of a hoarder takes a toll on animals, and Comet the cat was no exception. Rescued last December with three siblings—Donner, Blitzen, and Prancer—Comet suffered from medical, dental, and behavioral issues as a result of years of neglect. While the other three “reindeer” kitties were adopted quickly, Comet took a bit more time. As it turns out, this feisty feline just needed an adopter who could look past his issues and see what a truly “stellar” pet he could be. Here is his Happy Tail.

Comet and his siblings were rescued by the ASPCA’s Cruelty Intervention Advocacy (CIA) Team on December 29, 2013, and taken to our Animal Hospital in New York City. At the hospital, Comet’s medical exam revealed three rotting teeth that needed to be removed, as well as a history of hematomas (bloody swelling) in his ears. His ears were surgically drained, but a build-up of scar tissue made it difficult for Comet to keep them clean on his own. We knew that his ears would need manual cleaning for the rest of his life, and that whoever adopted him would need to be patient with his occasional resistance to touch. It was a tall order, but he was worth it.

Black and white cat laying on floorBy the end of February, Donner, Blitzen, and Prancer had been adopted, but Comet was still waiting. It was only when we met Kristen N. in late March that we knew his wait was finally over. After being briefed on Comet’s issues, Kristen agreed to take on his challenging medical and behavioral needs, and on March 22, she adopted the five-year-old cat and changed his name to Cosmo.

Over the next few months in Kristen’s home, Cosmo underwent an amazing transformation. Given structure, love, and patience—possibly for the first time in his life—he blossomed from a temperamental kitty into a truly terrific pet. “Since his adoption, he has brightened up incredibly,” Kristen recently told us. “He is now a loving and sweet cat who loves to be pet and to cuddle.”

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We asked if he is still fearful around humans, and Kristen told us, “Cosmo follows me everywhere! He greets me like a dog when I come home, running up to the door and meowing until he is pet.” She adds, “He is always making me laugh. He loves drinking water out of my cup and playing with ice cubes in his paw.”

Despite his earlier dental problems, Cosmo has also become a big food-lover. “He knows that I feed him first thing when I wake up,” says Kristen, “and he will meow and put his face right into mine or gently press his paw against my arm until I get him his food.”

From his early days in the home of a hoarder, this special cat has come a long way. Kristen says, “I am so grateful he came into my life,” but we, too, are grateful that she saw his potential. For the first time in his life, this once-neglected Comet has become the shining star of someone’s life.

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Kristen, Thank you for giving adorable, precious Cosmo the most wonderful, patient, fun-filled, and loving home. Your baby is the cutest, sweetest little guy. I am so thrilled for the both of you!

La Marca Monique

So nice that this once neglegted cat has been rescued, thanks to its fantastic adopter.


Cosmo is a sweet kitty and Kristin is an angel for taking him. He has really done well in her care!


Thank You ASPCA and Angel-Wings to Kristen.!!
I absolutely love Cosmos floppy ears.
Such a beautiful ending to a very sad and desperate beginning. And it would not have happened without Kristen, the ASPCA, CIA and all the many volunteers and doners that bring these miracles together. Thank You All.!

elizabeth finch

Thank you for adopting Comet, Kristen! Your story is heart-warming, and I hope you have many happy years together.


good for Kristen, this story made me cry. 4 years ago I rescued a starving cat from the street in front of my house, he was HIV positive as well. We are dog people & did not know much about cats. He was a young adult, so I asked the vet if she would keep him & she said she would give him a chance, so we did---we lost him in June, we tried our best to save him, but were unable to do so. Not sure why he was sick, but he was an indoor cat after we took him in. His name was Cosmo! And we loved him very much. I miss him sleeping on top of me. 2 lucky Cosmos in the world!!!


Sometimes it gets so heart-breaking, hearing about the terrible things people do. To read about the wonderful things ASPCA and adopters do for animals helps to replace some of the heart-break with hope.


Kristen, you are an Angel and particularly you are Cosmo's Angel. I do hope you and Cosmo have many wonderful years together!


Thank you for having patience with Comet. What a beautiful kitty !! I understand the need for patience-my husband & I have a blind Cocker Spaniel that we rescued from a Cocker rescue group. No one else wanted her because of her blindness, but she has become a delightful pet. Thank you to all who rescue !!


Kristen, thank you for providing a wonderful home for Cosmo. He is absolutely adorable and I'm sure you both will have a long and beautiful life together.