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Do you have information on animal-friendly accommodations?

There are thousands of motels, hotels and inns across the United States that accepts guests with pets! Most hotels set their own policies, so it is important to call ahead and ask if pets are permitted and if there is a size limit and/or extra charge. Pet-friendly lodging can be found in a number of publications and on the Web:

The following books on traveling with your companion animals are just some of the useful resources available:

  • Pets Permitted Hotel & Motel Directory by The Annenberg Communications Institute (310) 515-PETS.
  • Pets Welcome by Kathleen and Robert Fish, Bon Vivant Press.
  • On the Road Again With Man's Best Friend-United States, by Dawn and Robert Haygood, Dawbert Press.
  • Travel with or without Pets by Lisa Loeffler
  • Traveling With Your Companion Animal by the Humane Society of the United States, (202) 452-1100
  • Traveling With Your Pet by AAA Publishing
  • Vacationing with Your Pets by Eileen Barish

You can also visit the travel section of your local bookstore to find books on pet travel and taking your pet with you on road trips and vacations-there are lots of them.