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Does the ASPCA Adoption Center euthanize animals?

The ASPCA Adoption Center is a limited admission shelter which takes in only as many animals as we can comfortably, humanely care for. As a result, the Adoption Center does not euthanize animals for lack of space, and the ASPCA does not support euthanasia as the predominant means of managing the pet overpopulation problem. We consider euthanasia as a last resort used only in extreme cases. We make every effort to place each of our shelter animals in a safe, responsible home. In a small percentage of cases, this may not be possible due to severe medical conditions that cause the animal to suffer, or due to extreme aggression that poses a danger to the community and the animal's quality of life. In these rare instances, humane euthanasia is carefully weighed and considered, and when it is absolutely necessary that an animal be euthanized, the euthanasia is done painlessly and humanely so as to prevent the animal from suffering.